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How to Find a Qualified Child Custody Attorney

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When parents split up, they may struggle to find a custody arrangement that works for everyone. Whether they’re unable to work out their own agreement or need help from the courts, finding the #1 Child Custody Attorney in Dallas, Texas is essential to getting the results they want. These attorneys can help their clients understand the different types of child custody in Texas and what steps they should take to ensure a fair outcome.

Burns Iwuji, PLLC counsels clients regarding family issues so they can make informed decisions. Its lawyers assist with legal procedures involving divorce, adoption, grandparents’ rights, and Child Protective Services cases. They also help with restraining and protective orders and qualified domestic relations orders. The firm’s lead lawyer, Daniel Strann, is board-certified as a family law specialist and has more than 35 years of experience in the practice of law.

If parents have a custody arrangement in place, a contested case usually doesn’t involve a lot of fighting and only involves the court making a final decision. However, if the other parent is a threat to your child’s well-being – such as being addicted to drugs or having a mental health condition – it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney who will fight for your right to full custody.

In many cases, the judge will want both parents to have as much contact as possible with their children unless there are reasons why that isn’t in the child’s best interests or could put them at risk. However, if one parent is a threat to the other’s welfare or could cause harm to the child, a restraining order may be necessary to secure sole custody.

Unlike most other family law firms, the Kamuche Law Firm focuses on both litigation and collaborative law. Its attorneys can help parents establish child custody arrangements without a lawsuit, and they are also experienced in modifying existing arrangements based on life changes. The firm also handles cases related to family protection, personal injury, and estates and wills. The lead attorney, Tiffany Kamuche, has more than a decade of experience.

A child custody case involves a delicate matter and is often emotionally charged. If there is animosity between the parents, it can be difficult to find common ground on parenting time schedules and visitation arrangements. A good lawyer will be able to provide a neutral assessment of the situation and explain all options available for the client.

The Holland Law Firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services for families and individuals in Dallas. Its lawyers can assist with filing for marriage dissolution, negotiating child custody and support agreements, and petitioning for modifications of current rulings. The firm can also handle adoptions, grandparents’ rights, and property division matters. Its managing attorney, Danyale Holland, has more than a decade of experience in family-related legal matters. The firm serves clients in Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant counties.

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