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Legal Allies for Kids: Understanding the Child Custody Attorney’s Role

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Child custody is one of the most emotional and contentious issues in divorce proceedings, but it may also arise from separations between unmarried parents. Whether you are in the middle of a custody dispute or seeking to modify an existing agreement, it’s important to work with an attorney who understands Florida family law inside and out. A seasoned West Palm Beach Child Custody Lawyer can provide insight into your specific situation and help you develop a legal strategy.

In Florida, custody agreements are typically established via parenting plans. These documents include a schedule of time-sharing (where your children will reside with each parent) as well as parental rights and responsibilities. Parenting plans are submitted to the court and judged for their adequacy in addressing a child’s best interests.

The best Child Custody Attorney in West Palm Beach will work to keep the child at the forefront of the case. They will assess the parents’ relationship and their ability to provide a safe, loving home for the children. A good attorney will also help clients prepare for the possibility of a court-appointed custody evaluator.

In a divorce proceeding, the court will award physical and legal custody to one or both parents depending on what is in the child’s best interests. The term “custody” has negative connotations, and the courts are shifting away from this terminology by using the terms “time sharing” and “parenting plan.” Both parents have equal rights to their children unless they are unfit to care for them.

A judge will usually grant full custody to the parent who has a strong relationship with the child. This will often be the mother, but it can also be the father. However, if the child is old enough to express their preference, the judge will take this into account as well. A judge will also consider each parent’s living situation and income to determine if they can provide a stable environment for the child.

If the child has special needs, a unique time-sharing arrangement may be required. For example, autism spectrum disorders require constant routine, and frequent changes can be traumatic for these children. A child custody attorney can make recommendations on how to structure a time-sharing agreement that will ensure the safety and happiness of your child.

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